Hi Ian, Just thought I would keep in touch and let you know that I am about to finish off my Masters in Media Arts and Production at UTS. After doing your course I decided to take the big leap and follow my passion. I have since bought my own camera and just finished filming a Tropfest film called Spaghetti Bolognaise, so if you ever want to work on a project together I am open to possibilities.  Mary-Anne Cartwright

Make a Short Film from Script to Screen

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Some words from past course


”I was a participant in the "Making a Short Film - From Script to Edit" course at MWCC in 2009. The course was conducted by Ian Nicholson who is an excellent teacher, extremely knowlegable, passionate and experienced in the field of film making. During the 4 week course I learned a great deal; how to write a script, how to use a camera, lighting, sound equipment and how to edit the recorded footage. Thanks to the tutor, I was able to progress quickly, gaining the knowledge, experience and confidence to produce my first short film not long after finishing the course. I would recommend this course for anyone who wants to pick up the basics of film making as well as those who want to expand their film making skills”.

Iwona Abramowicz -

Independent Film


I attended this course and discovered some interesting similarities between movies such as Toy Story and The Lord of The Rings. The course was really a lot of fun, especially the short movie we shot. For anyone looking to do short films it really helps by giving you a good grounding. It helped me with my Tropfest entry! No success yet, but at least no big mistakes while making my short movies! Thanks Ian.

Arnaud Cretin - Film


Ian is an experienced movie maker, director and producer of short films. He is both knowledgeable and fun to learn from. I recently completed Ian’s course where I learned about the entire end-to- end process of making movies including sound recording, filming techniques, editing and what makes a good script. “Show don’t tell” is his mantra. If you have an interest in what goes on behind the scenes, then I would highly recommend Ian’s movie course.

Paul Stokes -

Film lover

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