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CONGRATULATIONS to SSFS graduate Gareth Carr for kicking off his own feature film project - "Saving Grace" - a supernatural thriller set in the creepy wilds of the Hawkesbury River in NSW.

Make a Movie!

In our film course, you WILL complete a movie and participate in every step of the movie's production.

Save Money

Ours is simply the best value film school in Sydney, if not the whole of Australia. Bar none.

Save Time

Our film course takes just 22 hours over five weeks and you'll STILL learn everything you need to start making films.

Make Friends

Many of our students have made like-minded friends on our film course and continue to make movies together.


Starts Wednesday 31st May 2017
Just $440 for our 5-week film course!
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Learn to make movies at Sydney's Favourite Film School

Every great film director started his or her career making short films. And now, you can too! This course, conducted by the Sydney Short Film School, will help you gain a broad understanding of all the technical and performance aspects of making a short movie.

You will be learning all the secrets for success from a Tropfest-winning tutor at the National Headquarters of the Australian Cinematographers Society in North Sydney - the best venue for any movie-making course in Sydney!

In the course, we cut to the chase and teach you exactly the things you need to know in a fast, concise and hands-on practical manner.

You will use the school’s professional DSLR camera and sound equipment to make a short film with the other students in the class.

All students get the chance to try their hand at writing, directing, acting, filming, sound recording and editing.

Some of the biggest and best film festivals in the world, like Tropfest, celebrate the art form that is short film, and now YOU can get to make a film worthy of the festival circuit!

If you would like to stay informed of future events, courses, then register your interest here.

At the Sydney Short Film School, we believe we have the best value film-making class in Australia. You can easily spend three to five times more elsewhere and still not learn as much.




and still going strong!



Beautiful people too!



and every one a winner!

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Film Course Schedule

Session 1 - ScreenwritingWednesday 31st May 21076:30pm to 9:00pm
Session 2 - Script and DirectingWednesday 7th June 20176:30pm to 9:00pm
Session 3 - Cinematography, Lighting and SoundWednesday 14th June 20176:30pm to 9:00pm
Session 4 - The SHOOT!Saturday 17th June 201710:00am to 5:00pm
Session 5 - EditingWednesday 21st June 20176:30pm to 9:00pm
Session 6 - Review and Wrap UpWednesday 28th June 20176:30pm to 9:00pm

Looking for a film course in Sydney? 

Learn to Make a Short Film from Script to Screen. Get over 20 hours of quality, expert tuition in the art of making short films.

All equipment and learning materials provided. Bring a notepad and pen, or a laptop/tablet if preferred.

All film students receive a certificate at the end of the course.


“I attended the Sydney Short Film School where I learned about the entire end-to-end process of making movies including sound recording, filming techniques, editing and what makes a good script. “Show don’t tell” is Ian's mantra.

If you have an interest in what goes on behind the scenes, then I would highly recommend Ian’s movie course.”

 “Ian is an excellent teacher, extremely knowlegable, passionate and experienced in the field of film making. I was able to progress quickly, gaining the knowledge, experience and confidence to produce my first short film not long after finishing the course.

I recommend the Sydney Short Film School for anyone who wants to pick up the basics of film making.”

“Just thought I would keep in touch and let you know that I am about to finish off my Masters in Media Arts and Production at UTS. After doing your film course I decided to take the big leap and follow my passion. I have since bought my own camera and just finished filming a Tropfest film called Spaghetti Bolognaise, so if you ever want to work on a project together I am open to the possibilities."

“The course was really a lot of fun, especially the short movie we shot. For anyone looking to do short films it really helps by giving you a good grounding. It helped me with my Tropfest entry! No success yet, but at least no big mistakes while making my short movies! Thanks Ian!”

“The course is really good, I thought it was really well done!

You'll learn everything you were promised to learn and you'll have all the skills you'll need to make a short film after doing this course. ”

“If you really want to learn about film-making, this is the school you need to go to!

You'll learn everything you need to know on a practical basis. It was wonderful!”

“This course is really great value for money to taking someone who knows zip about film through to editing their own film. I loved how 'hands on' the whole process was,getting us to write our own script, participate in the filming and doing your own edit. Ian is very experienced and it shows in his ability to get the inexperienced crew to finish their filming all on one day. It was also great to get his insights into films you've already seen (I think he's seen every film that's ever been made!).”

“Attending the Sydney Short Film School was informative and a worthwhile experience. It was a fast-paced exercise in producing a film from pre to post production. Ian Nicholson's very affable and entertaining teaching style served to enhance the learning experience. It was very much hands-on and the class size was perfect to allow great interaction and individual experience of all facets of film production. Definitely a Five Star experience! My daughter attended with me, and we now proudly display our "Master film maker" certificates :-)”

“I would highly recommend this course! It's great value for money, you learn a lot and get to be very hands on throughout the entire film making process.”



The Sydney Short Film School runs one course every three months, with no more than eight students per course. 

Is film-making for you? This is an inexpensive way to find out! You could do a much more expensive course elsewhere, and you'll learn a lot, but if you're someone who prefers to learn by doing, and doesn't want to take a year off work to do a full-time film course, then ours will give you the essential information you need to walk on to any film set with complete confidence and knowledge of what to do and what's going on.

Many of our students have gone on to do media degrees after attending our film school, and many more have gone on to make great short films, documentaries and even feature films.

We announce our courses about one month before they commence, and they usually sell out very quickly. The best thing to do is complete our Contact form and we will notify you the moment the next course is announced.

A pen and paper for taking notes. You may also bring a tablet or laptop computer. There is no need to bring a camera or any other equipment - everything is provided.

If you are already in Sydney Australia with a valid visa and would like to enrol, you can. However, we cannot assist those without visas or provide advice on obtaining one. 


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